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WOOD YOU BELIEVE IT! Planks of timber used to support van's suspension as tyre blows out on motorway

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Image credit : CMPG

A van driver has been prosecuted for driving a vehicle which had planks of wood propped above the rear wheel to act as a suspension.

Officers from the Central Motorway Police Group found the vehicle to be in no state to drive after one of its tyres completely blew out while being driven along the M6 Motorway.

Officers confirmed that the van was "massively overloaded" causing the tyre to blow and further inspection of the vehicle revealed that in true Fred Flintstone fashion, big planks of wood were being used as a suspension.

The vehicle was prohibited from further use with immediate effect.

Highlighting the offences, the CMPG tweeted: "Please don't try and fix your suspension with wood. Don't then drive up the MY massively overloaded. It will not end well as the tyre could not stand the weight.

"This van has been prohibited and the driver prosecuted."


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