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Would you cancel? YouTube private hire driver shares list of unusual Uber passenger demands

Image credit: Driver Matty

A content creator and private hire driver, known as Driver Matty, recently shared a peculiar list of passenger demands on his YouTube channel. The video has sparked discussions among viewers about the expectations and boundaries in the ride-hailing industry.

In the video, Matty reads a detailed message sent by an Uber passenger. The list of demands, though polite, could be seen as excessive by some.

The passenger requested several specific conditions, including ensuring the vehicle seat height is low, the vehicle is stationary with the handbrake applied when the passenger enters and exits, and that privacy is maintained by the driver not looking at or speaking to the passenger through the rearview mirror.

The passenger also asked for the vehicle seats to be clean and clear of debris, and for the driver to avoid playing romantic or suggestive music. Additionally, the passenger specified that the driver should remain on the opposite side of the door and turn their face and body away from the passenger when opening the door for them.

Driver Matty's video, which includes the full list of demands, invites viewers to share their opinions on whether they would accept or cancel such a ride. The video has garnered attention and comments from many who find the demands unreasonable.

Matty, who operates DM Airport Transfers, often shares insights and experiences from his time as an Uber driver. In previous videos, he has discussed his earnings and the realities of working in the ride-hailing industry. His transparent approach provides valuable information for other drivers and those considering joining the industry. Matty’s content continues to engage viewers with practical advice and entertaining stories from the road.


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