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York taxi drivers ‘disappointed’ with council decision to licence Uber

Image credit: York City taxi Association

York taxi drivers are ‘disappointed’ with the council’s decision to licence ridehail giants Uber in the local area.

Arshad Mahmood, the Chairman of York City Taxi Association (YCTA), expressed discontent over York City Council’s decision to grant Uber a conditional one-year licence. Mahmood highlights significant concerns for the local taxi industry and the wider community.

“This decision will have massive impact on locally York licensed taxi drivers,” Mahmood stated. He stressed that the council's move disregards the existing 44 wheelchair-accessible hackney taxis, which are crucial for disabled users. Uber, he pointed out, have not at this point provided any assurance that it will maintain a fleet of wheelchair-accessible vehicles, unlike local operators.

Mahmood also raised concerns about public safety and protection. He warned that Uber’s return to York would likely attract out-of-town drivers who lack essential local knowledge. This issue, he argued, has not been adequately addressed by the council’s decision.

The council's licensing committee recently approved Uber’s application to operate private hire cars in York, marking the end of a six-year hiatus for the ride-hailing company in the city. The decision has sparked significant debate among local stakeholders, particularly within the taxi community.

Arshad Mahmood said: “We are disappointed with the decision of York City Council to grant conditional license to Uber for one year.

“This decision will have massive impact on locally York licensed Taxi drivers.

“This decision has overlooked 44 wheelchair accessible hackney taxis and wheelchair taxi users as Uber hasn't given any reassurances or commitment that they will have wheelchair accessible taxis available all the times unlike any other York licensed operators or York taxi ranks.

“This decision has also over looked public safety and public protection as Uber will formally encourage more out of town drivers to come to York with zero local knowledge.”


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