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YouTuber and London taxi driver Tom Hutley captures the bustle of morning shifts in the capital

Updated: Jan 4

Image credit: Tom Hutley / YouTube

In a captivating new video release, Tom Hutley, a taxi driver renowned for his engaging YouTube channel, has shared an intriguing video featuring onboard footage of his morning shift in the capital.

This latest offering from Hutley, who typically works evening shifts, provides a rare glimpse into the dynamics of daytime taxi work.

Hutley is a figure of growing prominence on YouTube, known for his insightful and entertaining content centred around his experiences as a taxi driver. His channel, which has garnered a substantial following, offers viewers an authentic look into the life of a London cabbie, blending the richness of everyday encounters with the charm of London's streets.

In this new video, Hutley embarks on an atypical journey, venturing into morning shifts, a time of day he seldom experiences in his usual routine. The transition required a significant shift in mindset, as Hutley navigated through busy train stations, leveraged apps, and sought work in hotels and on the streets.

Hutley candidly shares his sense of being an ‘imposter’ during these morning hours, a sentiment stemming from his limited experience working at this time of day. Despite having taken on morning shifts only a handful of times in his career, Hutley's video effectively captures the unique rhythm and challenges of the morning rush in the capital.

The footage in Hutley's video offers an unfiltered view of the city in its early hours, highlighting the distinct contrast between night and day in the life of a taxi driver. It provides an entertaining perspective, giving his audience a deeper understanding of the varied facets of taxi driving in a major city like London.

Through his YouTube channel, Tom Hutley continues to build a bridge between the public and the often under appreciated world of taxi driving, bringing to light the realities, challenges, and unexpected joys of this profession.


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