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20 City of London businesses back motion to expedite work to support black taxi Bank Junction return

Businesses in the City of London have backed a motion to expedite work to support Black Cabs returning to Bank Junction.

In a decisive push for greater accessibility and safety in London's financial district, James Thomson, Deputy Common Councilman for the Ward of Walbrook and Chair of the City of London Police Authority Board, has announced a major move forward to allow Black Cabs 24/7 access to Bank Junction.

During the recent Walbrook Wardmote, with backing from 20 business voters, a motion was successfully passed urging the City of London to fast-track efforts to lift existing restrictions on Black Cabs at the key Square Mile junction. Similar motions received unanimous support in the Langbourn and Lime Street Wards, demonstrating a strong consensus among the business community for this change.

The move aims to enhance the availability of Black Cabs, crucial for business transactions, the safety of women, especially at night, and providing equal mobility opportunities for those with challenges. It also seeks to boost the visitor and hospitality sectors by improving transport links.

This campaign for unrestricted access for Black Cabs through Bank Junction is gaining steam, according to Thomson.

Supporting this push, recent data from European Mobility operator FREENOW highlights significant disparities in taxi service availability and cancellation rates between Bank Junction and Shaftesbury Avenue in the West End. The findings point to a 20% lower pickup rate at Bank Junction during peak hours, higher cancellation rates, and increased journey costs for passengers.

James Thomson, Deputy Common Councilman for the Ward of Walbrook and Chair of the City of London Police Authority Board, said: “At the Walbrook Wardmote today with the support of 20 business voters, we passed a motion to ask the City of London to expedite work to support lifting of restrictions at Bank Junction on Black Cabs to provide access 24/7/365.

“Langbourn Ward and Lime Steet Wards also passed the same motion with fullsome support from businesses.

“Thank you to all who supported.

“Lifting restrictions is necessary to improve availability of Black Cand and important for: Businesses, Women’s safety especially at night, Mobility challenged for equality and For visitors & hospitality trade.”


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