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Echoes of Oxford Street as Dublin cabbies poised to protest over piazza pedestrianisation

In a move which echoes Transport for London's plans to pedestrianise Oxford Street, Dublin City Council have applied for permission to build a pedestrianised piazza,  which will close the area to all traffic, including buses and taxis.

The controversial plans have sparked fury from taxi drivers, with The National Private Hire and Taxi Association stating that there will be protests from the industry if the current draft of the plans go ahead.

Spokesman Jim Waldron told The Irish News "There are 250 drivers approximately based in Foster Place. That's where they make their living. If their living is going to be taken away from them, they are not going to take it quietly."

The National Transport Authority are currently monitoring public transport services in the area. 

Councillor Ciaran Cuffe, Chair of the City Council's Transport Committee, has claimed that banning taxis could be part of the solution to the congestion at College Green. 

The project has also yielded concerns from hoteliers, with the six biggest hotels in the area objecting to taxis being excluded.

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