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Greenwich cabbies hail new Intercontinental Hotel call up system

A collaborative effort between TfL, taxi drivers and the Intercontinental Hotel has led to the trial of an innovative new call-up system at the O2 taxi rank by North Greenwich station. 

The hotel concierge can now ring a special 4G line, which sets a blue light flashing at the head of the O2 taxi rank. This informs the driver on point that a taxi is needed at the hotel and so they should drive round to pick up a fare. TfL has also introduced a new three-bay rank at the Intercontinental Hotel to meet customer demand. 

Teresa Reynolds, Ranks Liaison Officer, was responsible for the project and for setting up a training session for the drivers. She said: ‘It has been a privilege to have worked on this project, being part of building a future for the trade and helping to increase their business.’ 

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