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Silent Electric minicab blamed after skateboarder left fighting for his life following collision in

A skateboarder was left fighting for his life after failing to hear the electric motor of a hybrid Toyota Prius approaching.

Theo Fallstrom, 24, was left in a critical condition after suffering a brain haemorrhage during the collision. He also suffered a broken shoulder and damage to his ear.

Theo was only saved by the quick response of London's air ambulance team who arrived at the scene in Mayfair within minutes.

Medics Dr David Cooper and paramedic Rob Twitchen put Mr Fallstrom in an induced coma to protect his brain and he was taken to the major trauma centre at St Mary’s Hospital, Paddington.

Mr Fallstrom has now praised the amazing efforts and response from London's Air Ambulance service. Without their quick medical attention Theo would of most certainly of died from his injuries.

The collision took place on Albemarle Street, Mayfair at around midnight last August as Theo was heading home. He said he was unable to hear the approach of the Prius minicab because of it's quiet electric motor.

The driver of the minicab, who was on his way to pick up a fare, said he did not see Mr Fallstrom who slammed head first into his windscreen. The collision was declared a non-fault accident, but concerns have no been raised about the safety of such vehicle's which have almost silent motors.

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