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Uber driver suspended for mocking passengers during live stream of each journey

Uber have suspended one of their drivers in Missouri for violating guidelines by live streaming passengers without their consent. Some passengers, including children, were being recorded by Uber driver Jason Gargac,32, who would give a running commentary of each trip. According to a report in the CNBC who sourced the original story from the St.Louis Post-Dispatch, Gargac would frequently indulge in crude, mocking and judgmental comments of his passengers. During each live stream on his twitch account, more than 4,000 viewers would tune in the watch the real-time commentary unfold. Uber confirmed that they have suspended Gargac while they evaluate his conduct which they believe to be a breach of its standards. According to Uber's community guidelines, drivers are forbidden to demonstrate any form of inappropriate or disrespectful behaviour including commenting on someone's appearance or that are otherwise disrespectful or sexual in nature.

Gargac also drives for Uber's main US competitor, Lyft. Lyft have yet to comment on Gargac's behaviour.

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