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Leeds Taxi and Private Hire licensing manager wants to see more action to tackle Uber cross border i

Leeds City Council's taxi and private hire licensing manager Andrew White highlighted his concerns this week over the amount of out-of-town licensed Uber drivers that are operating in the city. In a meeting organised to discuss the proposed clean air charging zone in relation to the taxi industry, White could not pass up the opportunity to talk Uber. Mr White stressed that the lack of legislation surrounding where a driver must obtain a licence and where they are able to pick up work as being a "major source of frustration" for the Leeds trade. The ability to obtain a licence in London and work on the Uber app in Leeds was closed earlier this year, but it has not stopped the influx of drivers who have been granted a licence in other parts of Yorkshire flooding the streets of Leeds looking for work. White believes that if you have the Uber app and want to e-hail one of their drivers while you're in Leeds, then you should only see the Leeds-licensed drivers that are available on the app.

As reported in the LeedsLive, White said the whole situation has become a major source of frustration for the local trade who work to a high standard and said that some of the out-of-town drivers are seen not to be working to those same high standards. Mr White believes conditions within the trade need to be updated to keep up with the new technology that has been introduced into the industry. White confirmed that Leeds City Council has lobbied central government on the issue.

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