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Pavement protection device for people bursts car tyres in seconds

The threat from pavement parking and terror attacks involving cars could be dramatically reduced by a simple new device installed along kerbs that quickly punctures tyres claims the Environmental Transport Association (ETA). Catclaw is the size of half a small orange and is designed to be installed in its thousands along kerbs and pavements. When a car or lorry drives over a CatClaw, its weight exposes a sharp steel tube that quickly punctures the tyre. However, it poses no threat to pedestrians – a person standing on top of the device would not be heavy enough to activate it. Yannick Read from the Environmental Transport Association was inspired to invent CatClaw after watching footage of terror attacks involving cars: “43 people were killed last year by cars and lorries as they walked along a pavement or verge, so I invented CatClaw to reduce this type of terror as much as to tackle politically-motivated attacks.”

In order to prevent terror attacks at certain locations, physical obstructions such as steel bollards or concrete blocks have been placed in public areas.

It is unclear whether the device could further hinder emergency service response times if vehicles in traffic were unable to allow emergency access. Other driver concerns could focus on the visibility of the device, especially if hidden by leaves, snow or litter. 

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