Wannabe Private Hire Driver who failed to disclose a previous charge of kidnapping has his licensing

A man who failed to disclose a previous charge for kidnapping on his licence application form has been refused a private hire drivers licence by Bolton Council. In 2007 the Wannabe Private Hire Driver was arrested and charged for kidnapping with intent to do grievous bodily harm - an event he denied when challenged by Bolton Council’s licensing authority.

The man said that the only role he played during the incident was of him trying to calm the victim.

Members of the licensing committee board found the applicants story to lack credibility along with inconsistencies in his evidence. A statement was also provided by the victim - And although it was subsequently withdrawn, he said that the content of his statement was true. According to a report first published in the Bolton News, the committee had worrying concerns that the applicant had been involved in a violent and serious event. A five hour long meeting was held by the licensing and environmental regulation committee where the man’s application was considered.  

(The council chamber, Bolton Town Hall)

A statement by the police added weight to the committee’s concerns when they told the council that they did not consider the applicant a fit and proper person to hold a private hire driver’s licence. The decision was made to refuse the man a licence. The committee said: “Members of the public, the elderly, infirm and children or vulnerable adults entrust their personal safety and wellbeing to private hire drivers whenever they take a journey. “Passengers often travel alone and are vulnerable to inappropriate behaviour. “The committee’s primary duty is of concern for the safety and wellbeing of the public. “There is therefore reasonable cause to refuse to grant the private hire drivers licence.”  

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