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Cab driver faces having his licence revoked after knuckle duster found in his vehicle

A cabbie is facing the possibility of having his licence revoked after being caught carrying a knuckleduster around in his car. The Wakefield cab driver was apprehended by licensing officers after they were tipped off that he was carrying the weapon around in the back pocket of his seat while having passengers present in the vehicle.

The driver gave the brass weapon up after enquiries were made by enforcement officers.

The driver, who has not been named by the council, could now have his licence revoked. The incident was highlighted in a crime report by Councillor Maureen Cummings, portfolio holder for communities.

As reported in the Wakefield Express, Coun Cummings said: "Over the Christmas period, licensing enforcement officers were made aware by the transport depot of a taxi driver possibly travelling around with a knuckleduster in the pocket of his seat. "Licensing officers went out to the driver's address to see if we could see the weapon in the vehicle, which they did. "The driver would not answer the door, but he later came to see them, and he handed over the brass knuckleduster where it was seized and taken to the police stores for safe keeping. "The driver was later interviewed and will go before the licensing committee to receive his punishment."

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