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Uber to create multiple-transport subscription plan in the US, could the UK be next on the list?

Uber have revealed that they will be trialling a new scheme which would see all of their transportation arms as well as their food delivery service all covered under one monthly fee.

The subscription plan, which is being launched in a number of cities in the US will offer discounted rides and free use of JUMP bikes and e-scooters, use of uber-eats will also be covered in the package.

According to Uber, the cost of the subscription service will be $24.99 per month and will initially launch in San Francisco and Chicago.

This is the first time that Uber have attempted to put all of their transportation services under one umbrella.

Uber's Ride Pass will only work in the city where it was purchased, however given that the Uber app not only crosses city boundaries but also crosses borders, it may only be a matter of time before the scheme is launched in in other countries where they operate, including the UK.

Image Source: Pexels

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