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London set to be a major market for flying taxis as a number of rooftops already leased for landing

According to The Sun, landing infrastructure firm, Skyports, has already agreed 15 rooftop licences for landing pads across London.

A number of the world's biggest technology and automotive companies including Uber, Airbus, BMW, Rolls-Royce and the Google-backed company Kitty Hawk, have been working on autonomous vehicles including flying taxis as a way of cutting congestion on big city roads.

Ride-sharing giants have said they are aiming to have flying taxis airborne by 2023.

One of the major questions surrounding flying taxis is where they will be able to land and pick up. 

(Volocopter flying taxi) 

The news of multiple rooftops being prepared for the launch of rides in the sky, is a statement that the reality of commuters sharing the skyline with some of the city's most iconic buildings is closer than some may have originally thought. 

Rooftop landing pads will also be used for autonomous drone delivery. 

Image: Source; Pixabay 

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