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ADCU Sheffield Branch Chair calls for reduction in Private Hire operator rent

ADCU Sheffield Branch Chair has called for a reduction in Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) operator rental costs to help drivers during the financial squeeze.

Ibrar Hussain, the Chair of the App Drivers and Couriers Union (ADCU) Sheffield Branch, has issued a public plea to all private hire operators to reduce the weekly rent from 20% to 15% or establish a fixed tariff of approximately £75 per week.

Hussain argues that in the midst of the current cost of living crisis, private hire drivers need all the assistance they can get. The increasing financial burdens have made it challenging for drivers to make ends meet and fulfill their financial obligations.

Speaking on behalf of ADCU Sheffield, Hussain emphasised the urgent need for a consistent approach among all private hire operators. He called for an end to concession deals that favour certain individuals or trade representatives, asserting that fair and equal treatment is essential for a sustainable industry.

Hussain believes that lowering the weekly rent from 20% to 15% or implementing a fixed rate of £75 would greatly benefit the livelihoods of private hire drivers in the area. It’s claimed that such an initiative would alleviate some of the financial strain caused by the implementation of the Clean Air Zone (CAZ) and the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Hussain said: “It's now become very hard to survive and afford to pay bills.

“All PHV operators need to have a consistent approach and stop concession deals for trade representatives, etc.

“By lowering from 20% to 15% or fixed rate £75, it will be great inciative and very much will be welcomed by all.

“With Clean Air Zone (CAZ) implimentation and cost of living crisis it's made it very difficult for the drivers to now make a living.”


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