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Bolt and Drovo sign lucrative deal for London's black cab drivers worth up to £2,000 each year

Image credit: Bolt

Ridehail giants Bolt has partnered with media firm Drovo to offer an attractive advertising scheme to London’s black cab drivers. The collaboration promises to bolster drivers' incomes by up to £2,000 annually.

In addition, Bolt has made the strategic decision to eliminate commission fees on all black cab journeys booked through its platform. This bold move ensures that drivers retain the entirety of the metered fare plus the £2 passenger booking fee, thereby significantly enhancing their earnings.

The partnership is exclusively available to London taxi drivers registered with Bolt. Participating drivers will have their cabs fitted with Bolt and Drovo's co-branding, opening the door to potential annual bonuses of up to £2,000, subject to following Drovo's terms.

Furthermore, Bolt are offering an additional incentive of £100 for drivers who complete 50 trips within 30 days post the installation of the advertising material on their vehicles.

Bolt's foray into the black cab market commenced last spring and has since attracted hundreds of thousands of users in London, according to the global app service. Beyond ride-hailing, Bolt's expansive portfolio includes scooter and e-bike rentals, as well as food, grocery delivery, and car-sharing services, catering to millions of users across over 45 countries and 500 cities worldwide.

Markian Iwaniw, Senior Operations Manager for Bolt in the UK, said: “We’re committed to being the best platform for drivers and this new partnership with Drovo provides another reason for black cab drivers to sign up to our platform. Once they have, all drivers have to do is enter their details on the Drovo website, agree to the terms and then they are set to start earning money through the advertising partnership. This partnership, combined with the fact black cab drivers are currently benefiting from 0% commission, highlights why we are the platform of choice for black cab drivers in London.”

Alissa Buckhahn, VP of Sales for Drovo, said: "Our partnership with Bolt is an exciting step forward in Drovo’s growth journey and a big win for our advertising partners. Through this partnership, which unlocks exclusive access to a large volume of highly incentivised, long-term committed TXE drivers, advertisers will benefit from maximum campaign exposure and brand visibility across the most active fleet of premium hybrid taxis in London."


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