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Bolton Councillor bravely reveals she was sexually assaulted as a student by a cab driver

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

A Bolton Councillor has bravely revealed she was sexually assaulted by a cabbie when she was a student, and has hit out at other councillors who are opposing more stringent taxi and private hire regulations.

In a recent council meeting, members discussed two new phases as part of the new licensing requirements.

Phase one consisted of safety checks on those who use the vehicles.

These include criminal record checks of private hire operators and staff, stringent requirements into booking records and a dress code.

But some members thought the introduction may need to be made less stringent, sparking a backlash from Councillor Adele Warren who went on to reveal why she believes the regulations must be implemented.

Cllr Warren explained that as a student, after heading home from a night out she made her way to the local taxi rank. A driver picked her out from the queue and said he would take her because he didn't like to see women standing around.

She revealed that at the end of the trip the driver assaulted her. The incident was reported to police but Cllr Warren explained that the matter was not taken any further by the force.

Cllr Warren concluded that Phase One should be kept in place at all costs to ensure safety for all.


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