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BOSH TAXIS? Entrepreneur reveals talks of new London taxi hailing app with HUGELY discounted fees

Updated: Oct 2, 2022

An entrepreneur has revealed talks of a new London taxi hailing app that would charge cabbies hugely discounted commission fees compared to others already on the market.

Thomas Skinner, an entrepreneur and TV personality, said on social media: “To all my black cab followers. I am currently in talks to bring out a black cab app, that will only charge very small percentages (ruffly 4% to 7%) not like the majority that charge 20%.

“Would this be something you’ll be interested in and I will heavily promote on socials media?”

Skinner is well known for his appearances on hit TV show The Apprentice in 2019 and also for his popular BOSH brand selling bed and pillow products.

The response to Skinner’s announcement was mostly positive amongst the taxi trade, but it did come with its warnings. One taxi driver said the task to create an app is nowhere near as easy as he would think and would probably 'require millions’.

Skinner responded: “I was told this with mattresses, they said just buy known brands. Don’t make your own To much money. I started manufacturing my own brand (Bosh Beds) sold millions pounds of mattresses. I’m up for a challenge. But I understand it won’t be easy! I’m only in talks stage at the Mo.”

Many taxi drivers warned the businessman that competition in the sector is currently fierce with at least five London black cab apps already vying for market share.

That said, the promise of lower commission rates could be enough to sway taxi drivers longer-term, leaving the passenger app marketing the bigger PR conundrum.


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