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CCTV IN TAXIS: TfL consultation asks whether BOTH taxis and minicabs should have mandatory cameras

Taxi image: Ross Campbell / CCTV Signage image: TfL

London’s transport regulators have begun a consultation looking into whether CCTV should be introduced into all licensed taxi and private hire vehicles in the capital.

The review into the use of in-vehicle closed circuit television (CCTV) in London is now open and can be accessed via the Transport for London (TfL) website. The consultation is set to close on Monday 22 March.

At present, taxi and private hire vehicle (PHV) owners can choose whether to install in-vehicle CCTV in their vehicles.

In-vehicle CCTV does not include external/road facing cameras such as dashcams.

Research has shown that in London, less than 10% of taxi and PHV drivers have in-vehicle CCTV installed in their vehicle.

The consultation, which pairs both taxis and PHVs together, asks for respondents’ views on several topics surrounding CCTV.

These include whether or not respondents think both taxis (black cabs) and PHVs (including minicabs) in London should have in-vehicle CCTV fitted as a mandatory requirement or whether the current position of allowing vehicle owners to choose to fit in-vehicle CCTV systems should be maintained.

Other questions include asking respondents to list the positive impacts they think could be achieved if in-vehicle CCTV was in operation in all London licensed taxis and PHVs and also what adverse impacts they think may arise.

Graham Robertson, TfL General Manager of Taxi and Private Hire, said via an email newsletter to the industry: “In July 2020, the Department for Transport (DfT) published statutory taxi and PHV standards. These include a number of standards that taxi and PHV licensing authorities are expected to implement, including that all licensing authorities in England and Wales should undertake a consultation on in-vehicle CCTV in taxis and PHVs.

“We are conducting a consultation seeking views on the use of in-vehicle CCTV in taxis and private hire vehicles in London.

“Please visit our consultation webpage for more information and to respond. The closing date for responding to the consultation is Monday 22 March 2021.”


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