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ComCab's Journey: London’s black taxi booking firm celebrates 50 years on the road

May 1974 marked the birth of London Wide Radio Taxis, now known as ComCab, with a team of 64 dedicated taxi drivers and a vision to modernise London’s taxi industry. Operating manually with paper dockets and voice radio dispatch, the company laid its foundation.

The early 1980s saw a shift to computer-aided dispatch with the introduction of VDUs. This technological leap forward led to the establishment of Computer Cab Company Limited in 1982, extending their reach across Central London and its suburbs. They began servicing the London Taxicard Scheme, a relationship that remains intact to this day.

The 1990s brought further innovation with the introduction of the Club Class taxi – a fleet of Fairway Gold Taxis featuring air conditioning and in-built car phones, tailored to the needs of corporate clients. This period marked the company's commitment to premium service.

In 1995, Computer Cab became ComCab and launched Mobistar, the first GPS-based auto dispatch system, further enhancing its operational efficiency. The system was upgraded to the Advantage system in 2007, enabling features like "Futures" to help drivers plan their schedules effectively.

ComCab played a crucial role during the COVID-19 pandemic, providing sanitising equipment and ensuring safety for both drivers and passengers. They partnered with Transport for London (TfL) and charities to deliver essential services, earning the 'Exceptional Contribution Award' at the 2021 Fleet News Awards.

In July 2021, ComCab was acquired by Addison Lee, marking a new chapter in its history. From humble beginnings, ComCab has become a cornerstone of London's transport landscape.


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