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CYCLE LANE GONE! ‘Delighted’ taxi drivers and motorists enjoy a TRAFFIC FREE Euston Road

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Taxi drivers and motorists are ‘DELIGHTED’ at the removal of the controversial Euston Road cycle lane after ongoing concerns around rising congestion and slower public transport journey times.

The temporary eastbound cycle lane was installed in July 2020, but according to Transport for London (TfL) sources, bus journey times increased in the area due to the added congestion caused by the cycle lane. Cyclists have been urged to use the new bus lane or an alternative route just south of Euston Road via Bloomsbury.

The now clear intersection has already made journey times faster and cheaper for Londoners who rely on public transport to move about the city.

Michael Pole, a London cabbie, said on social media: “No wands. All hail the Euston underpass!”

Tony Coleman said: “Just drove Euston Underpass eastbound. Wow never stopped once. Clear as a bell, remove all these useless bike lanes get London moving.”

Another cabbie wrote: “How utterly embarrassing and shameful is it that now all traffic issues eastbound on the Euston underpass has disappeared once the cycle lane has gone.”

Mart said on social media: “Remarkable. Removed the ridiculous cycle lane from Euston Road and voila - traffic gone.”

One London taxi driver wrote: “Euston underpass fully open. Got commitment issues though, I’m still scared to actually go into it.”

A member of the public was also ‘delighted’ with the changes. Maggie said: “Delighted to see that all the bollards and cycle lane has been removed from the Euston Road underpass to Kings Cross station. Finally some sense. More please.”

With Euston Road now moving, more taxis can reach key pick-up points which includes Euston Station taxi rank. Drivers are now urging officials to fix the lights sequence to allow more vehicles out of the station.

Taxi drivers and cab users have long vented their frustrations at the design of the taxi rank.

Earlier this year architect and TV Presenter George Clarke publicly berated the design of the Euston taxi rank calling it ‘the biggest joke of traffic design’.

Clarke said: “The new taxi system at Euston station is one of the biggest jokes of traffic design I’ve ever seen. Hundreds of cabs sitting waiting ages to pick up hundreds of people standing and waiting ages to get in a taxi… amazing.”


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