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London Mayoral contender shares taxi signage and says cabbies ‘badly let down’ by current Mayor

Image credit: Susan Hall (Twitter)

A contender for next year’s London Mayoral election has stated black cab drivers have been ‘badly let down’ by the current Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Assembly Member (AM) Susan Hall, recently threw her hat into the ring for the 2024 London Mayoral race. Hall is a former leader of Harrow Council and the former head of the Conservative group at City Hall.

In a social media post shared by the Assembly Member, Hall commented on signage fixed on the partition screen found in a black cab.

The signage asked passengers aggrieved by the high level of closed roads and traffic to contact the Mayor of London or Transport for London (TfL) to share their experience.

Hall shared her concerns for the taxi industry adding that ‘where buses go, black cabs should go’.

If Hall wins the Conservative party nomination, Hall will be running against the current Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. The upcoming election is scheduled for May next year.

In the Twitter post Susan Hall AM said: “Seen earlier (pointing to the image). I feel so sorry for London Black Cabs they have been let down badly by Sadiq Khan.

“Where buses go then Black Cabs should go, that’s just common sense. As for LTNs and narrowed roads how on earth can they do their job efficiently. It’s all such a mess.”


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