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LTDA: London taxi drivers need MORE ‘financial support and incentives’ to purchase new electric cabs

The taxi trade needs more ‘financial support and incentives’ to purchase new electric taxis says Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA) leader.

Despite a resurgence in taxi users post-pandemic, taxi driver numbers continue to fall and costs to run a black cab have continued to rise.

The high operating costs to purchase and fuel a black cab, plus fund high interest rates, has seen some cabbies receive quotes upwards of £100,000 to finance a LEVC TX.

There are now calls for added support, both financially to get more cabs on the road, and in terms of recognition to allow cabbies access to more road space.

Steve McNamara, General Secretary LTDA, said in TAXI Newspaper: “Unfortunately electric vehicles are just plain expensive, whether they meet the conditions of fitness or not. In fact, car prices are shooting up across the board. That’s why the Mayor is facing such a backlash over his ULEZ extension and why the government’s plan to ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030 is looking unachievable.

”I am all for reducing costs for drivers, ensuring the taxi trade has a bright future and protecting driver’s livelihoods, but I don’t think this (reducing the condition of fitness features) is the way to do it. We don’t want to give away the thing that sets us apart, right when people are once again recognising the benefits of travelling by taxi and abandoning our often more expensive and inferior rivals in the private hire sector.

“We need more financial support and incentives for drivers purchasing new cabs and the Euro V to Euro VI conversion is looking like finally coming to market later this year, which will help drivers with older cabs to keep them operating for another three years. The most urgent action needed is to bring down the cost of credit.

“TfL and the London Boroughs need to give taxis the access to roads and recognition they need to provide an effective service and more needs to be done to up the numbers on the Knowledge and get more people into the trade. These are all issues we are working on and that I think will help secure the future of our great trade.”


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