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Middle lane hogging driver causes social media debate as police issue driver with ticket

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Image credit : Twitter @SurreyRoadCops

A middle lane hogging van driver has caused debate on social media after Surrey Police posted footage of the incident on Twitter.

In the footage that lasts 21 seconds, the van can be seen cruising along the middle lane of a 3 lane road even though the inside lane was completely empty.

The footage caused a stir with social media users who thought issuing the driver with a ticket was a bit harsh, claiming that this shouldn't be seen as a major issue if the motorway is empty as it appears in the footage.

But officers from Surrey's Roads Policing Unit have said that the driver continued to travel along the middle lane for over 3 minutes, during which a number of other vehicles were forced to switch lanes to bypass the van.

Social media users have argued that driving in the middle lane could be considered as safer than the inside lane due to the possibility of broken-down vehicles being stationary along the hard shoulder.

One person wrote: "I read a book on Advanced Driving after passing my test many years ago and it recommended avoiding the inside lane on an empty dual carriageway especially at night, as more likely to have an issue there."

Another said: "This is so wrong. At night it is much safer to drive in the middle lane than the far left one. It is just a shame with all other road offenders to fine the driver."

Another wrote: "Sorry but this is one law that makes no sense to me. Particularly in these circumstances, no other vehicles progress with being impleaded."

But Surrey Police soon explained that the driver was not alone on the road and even if he was, the law is the law.

Officers confirmed that a ticket was issued to the driver, stating: "The ticket will enable a formal course to be offered, which is nationally recorded.

"Drivers can get away with hundreds of chats at the roadside as there is no way of recording them. Ticket doesn't always mean a fine and points."


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