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New SIXT and Jyrney partnership increases on-demand ride coverage across ten major UK cities

Image credit: SIXT / Jyrney

A new partnership between international mobility provider SIXT and Jyrney is underway, providing customers with easy access to private hire operators in crucial locations across several major UK cities.

The launch cities will be; Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Luton, Bristol and London.

Integration between the two companies’ technologies adds to SIXT’s existing on-demand ride-hailing capabilities in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Jyrney’s software will enable SIXT ride customers to access on-demand rides in any of the 10 launch cities.

Jyrney has direct links with established local private hire companies, giving SIXT wider access to multiple operators through a single source.

Customers will be able to book rides via the SIXT app which is based on the mobility platform ONE. The platform offers an integrated mobility services which includes commercial vehicle rental, car sharing, ride hailing and car subscriptions.

The partnership which Jyrney now gives SIXT customers worldwide access to a fleet of more than 200,000 vehicles, the services of 1,500 cooperation partners and around 1.5m drivers.

Konrad Thoma, Senior Vice President of SIXT ride, said: “With the integration to Jyrney, SIXT will make a step-change in the availability of on-demand services in the UK and Ireland. Jyrney’s algorithm will ensure we provide the closest, best value and highest quality offer based on our customers’ individual preferences. Following our highly successful strategy in Germany, we will connect customers to the best private hire and taxi operators, alongside our existing pre-booked ride services and vehicle rental, all of which are available in the SIXT app.”

Daniel Price, co-founder and CEO of Jyrney, said: “The partnership between Jyrney and SIXT is strategically important for us. It validates our vision to make mobility services, such as private hire and taxi, more connected and easier to access for both consumers and business travellers. Our goal is to expand the network we offer in the future, opening new markets for SIXT ride via our partnership. SIXT is known for its forward-thinking digital strategy, and we are thrilled to assist in delivering a world-class mobility solution.”


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