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NEW UBER USER RATING: Uber introduces new eco-friendly tracking option

Image credit: Uber

Uber has launched a new feature that enables users to monitor their carbon footprint much like they would check their user rating, a move set to aid environmentally conscious travel.

This innovation, available worldwide from today, allows riders to opt for an electric vehicle (EV) via Uber Green at the same cost as an UberX, while tracking the emissions they save.

The feature, embedded within the app, showcases the total emissions saved by choosing Uber Green, providing context and motivating users to prefer zero-emission travel options. Since its initial rollout in central London in 2020, Uber Green has been offering rides in electric vehicles for a price equivalent to UberX, with drivers earning an additional 10% for these eco-friendly trips.

London has emerged as a leading city for Uber's EV adoption, boasting over 10,000 electric vehicles and accounting for more than 20% of Uber's kilometers traveled in the city. This aligns with the growing concern among Londoners about air pollution and climate change, with a significant majority calling for enhanced efforts to mitigate these issues.

The 'Emissions Savings' function operates simply: users tap a designated button in the Uber app to view the CO2 emissions they have avoided by choosing Uber Green. These savings are calculated against what would have been emitted for the same journey in a conventional UberX or Uber Comfort vehicle. The app also sends push notifications post-ride, informing users of their contribution to reducing emissions.

Uber plans to extend this feature to cover a broader range of eco-friendly transport options, including all-electric autonomous vehicles, shared UberX rides, and journeys on e-bikes and e-scooters booked through the app. This expansion aims to enhance users' understanding of their environmental impact and promote sustainable travel choices.

Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO of Uber, said:“We’re on a mission to make it effortless for our riders to embrace a low-emissions lifestyle. Just like we popularized rider ratings in an effort to promote respectful behavior during Uber rides, we’re excited to launch the Emission Savings feature to both celebrate your impact and encourage greener choices when using Uber.” 

Charlie Holding, who has driven an EV on Uber since 2019, said: “Choosing to drive an EV isn’t just a practical decision for me – it’s a commitment to help tackle air pollution for my kids and grandkids so they can grow up in a better world. Small choices add up, and anything that helps people realise the real-world impact they can have by choosing electric vehicles is so important.”


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