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Private hire driver hit with fine & points for driving a vehicle in "a dangerous condition" on M6

Image credit: Twitter-@CMPG

A private hire driver has been hit with a fine and had penalty points issued to their licence after officers pulled over the car which was filled dangerously with large boxes.

In images released by the Central Motorway Police Group @CMPG, the vehicle can be seen packed with boxes from furniture store IKEA.

The boxes appear to be the full length of the vehicle causing obstructions to the rear, side and front views out of the car.

A sticker which has been partially marked out on the photo by the CMPG appears to be one of ride-hailing firm Uber.

A spokesperson for the CMPG said: "Do you pay for IKEA delivery or endanger other road users through your lack of driving view?

Image credit: Twitter-@CMPG

"Tough decision for some. In this case, the delivery would of been considerably cheaper than the fine & points for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition, M6 south J6."

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