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Private hire vehicle mounts parked car after driver swerved to avoid hitting a cat

Image credit: Twitter-@ErewashResponse

A private hire driver who swerved his vehicle to avoid running over a cat ended up mounting a parked car in Erewash.

The astonishing images of the incident were posted online by Erewash Response, who were called to the scene.

Using their official Twitter account @ErewashResponse, a spokesperson said: "Long Eaton - Early hours of this morning. Nothing on the roads.

"Taxi [private hire] driver swerved to avoid hitting a cat and ends up parking on top of a jeep.

"Impressive. No injuries. Details exchanged. #Youcantparktheresir #NotyouraverageRTC."

The red Toyota private hire vehicle, which appears to be licensed by Leicester City Council, can be seen tilted on two wheels, with the other two sprawled on top of the orange coloured Jeep.

The tweet sparked some cheeky responses, with one person saying: ”Catastrophic accident and not so purrfect landing.”

Another wasn’t so convinced that a cat was even involved in the incident, saying: “Approaching a junction, presumably slowing as he did so, but managed to end up in that position, having avoided a cat? I bet he wasn’t looking any further than his phone. No cat was involved in this incident.”

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