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SITTING DUCK: Motorway motorist stands in front of broken down car just feet from safety barriers

Image credit: Twitter-@HighwaysEMIDS

A motorist whose vehicle broke down on the M1 motorway has been filmed standing in front of his car despite the grave danger he could find himself in.

Highways England posted the ongoing situation, warning other motorists of the obstruction in lane one of the M1 southbound at J27, saying: "The M1 southbound at J27 (A608 Heanor Huknall) 1 lane has been closed due to a broken down vehicle.

"Traffic officers are on their way to the area."

Surrey Police had something to say about the man's decision to stand in front of the broken down vehicle while using his phone, seemingly oblivious to the danger he could be in.

Surrey Roads Policing Unit wrote: "It's people and their decisions that make roads dangerous."

They added: "If your vehicle breaks down, go as far left as possible, then get out your vehicle. Get behind a barrier. Walk upstream and keep watching oncoming traffic."

Twitter users were left astonished, with one saying: "Hopefully they broke down in a queue and didn't have the chance to use the hard shoulder. If not, they seriously need educating about stopping and indeed standing there."

Another wrote: "Why on earth would you be stood in front of the vehicle looking at a phone? Get behind the barrier." Another replied: "He's booking an Uber."


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