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Struggling London taxi drivers living in Havering offered crucial £6,000 support grants

Struggling licensed London taxi drivers living in Havering have been handed a £6,000 financial lifeline thanks to a new grant made available by the council.

The grant offered by Havering London Borough Council provides up to £6,000 for officially licenced London Taxicab drivers living in Havering who missed the cut-off date to apply for funding through the previous round of grant schemes.

The grant offered does not include private hire vehicle operators where an operator can be booked over the phone or online.

If any taxi drivers applying have previously received an Additional Restrictions Grant then they will not qualify for further funding through this new scheme.

In order to be eligible, applicants must:

  • be able to prove their status as a legitimate business which was trading on the 17 October 2020

  • be registered as living at an address within Havering

  • demonstrate ongoing costs associated with finance or rental of a vehicle for work purposes throughout periods of restrictions.

A maximum of £6,000 is available for eligible applicants.


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