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Taxi and ride-hailing market expected to GROW at annual rate of 3.25% says FREENOW

The growth of taxi and ride-hailing apps is expected to continue at an annual rate of 3.25%, with the user base projected to rise to 18.83 million users by 2027, says global taxi and mobility operator FREENOW.

FREENOW, a mobility ‘super app’, has seen this growth across its nine markets and 150 cities, with London standing out post-pandemic.

Mariusz Zabrocki, the UK General Manager of FREENOW, has been leading the business growth in the UK since 2019. In March 2023, FREENOW reported that the number of drivers had increased by 30% from the previous year, with requests growing by 11% and passengers by 27%.

FREENOW’s comprehensive range of transportation services, including ride-hailing, car rentals, e-scooters and more, is said to be contributing to the app's increasing popularity. The demand for more affordable and flexible transportation options has led to FREENOW's success in the competitive market.


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