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Tick-Tock for Taxi Retrofits: London cabbies anxiously wait as conversion deadline times out for some

Updated: May 13

The ticking clock on taxi conversions has become a pressing issue for the traditional black cab industry in cities across the UK.

A fleet expert recently highlighted in TAXI newspaper the dwindling number of Euro V cabs that might well be eligible for upgrades to the cleaner Euro VI standard if the systems are approved in London. The long trickling decline in available cabs for conversion and the uncertainty over technology approval timelines are now key concerns for many.

The expert pointed out: "With the older cabs now phasing out from Euro V, the pool of vehicles ready for conversion to Euro VI is rapidly shrinking. The likelihood of seeing these conversions get the green light before late summer appears minimal."

Depending on the cost, the retrofitting option could become a popular choice for many taxi drivers. This route offers them a way to upgrade their existing vehicles instead of facing the high costs of purchasing new ones. This is particularly appealing for drivers aiming to extend the lifespan of their taxis and their careers, without the financial strain of buying a new vehicle.

There was progress this week though as HJS Emissions revealed that London's Mercedes-Benz Vito taxis have successfully passed a Transport for London (TfL) inspection, after successfully completing it 10,000 mile durability testing.

As the industry watches on, the focus remains on providing sustainable, cost-effective solutions for cabs facing stringent emission regulations. The next few months will be crucial in determining how many of these iconic vehicles can remain on the road in compliance with environmental standards.


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