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TRAIN STRIKES: Frustrated Dorking taxi drivers facing up to prospect of more lost income

Taxi drivers in Dorking vented their frustrations at the prospect of more loss of income as a result of a nationwide walkout by rail workers later this month.

Rail operator’s South Western Railway has warned that services would be severely affected between 7am and 7pm on Saturday 13 May, with passengers told to avoid travel unless it was absolutely necessary. As a result, dozens of train stations in Surrey will be cut off from the rest of the network during the affected period, including Dorking, one of Surrey’s main commuter towns.

Taxi drivers rely heavily on trips to and from the station for their income, with the strike expected to have a significant impact on their daily earnings.

According to Surrey Live reports, Amir Hussain, a 69-year-old taxi driver, stated that the strike would severely affect his daily income, leaving him with only half of what he would earn during a normal day. The strike is expected to result in significant financial losses for many taxi drivers in the area, highlighting the wider economic impact of the rail workers' action.

TaxiPoint, the UK’s most read taxi industry news source, asked readers earlier this year whether a national train strike helps or hinders the taxi industry.

The answer depended largely on the location. In areas like Dorking that rely on large numbers arriving by train, the strikes are seen as a hindrance. In rural areas, where there is no other choice but a taxi, and in towns and cities where the transport network is lacking, it can be seen as an aid to work levels.


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