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Uber accelerates to top spot as World's Most Valuable Mobility Brand

Uber has reaffirmed its position as the world's leading mobility brand, witnessing a remarkable 28% surge in brand value to USD 29.7 billion. This accolade comes from the latest insights by Brand Finance, an authority in brand valuation.

Significantly, this marks Uber's journey into profitability, highlighting the brand's strategic pivot towards sustainable earnings. Furthermore, Uber has seen an enhancement in brand strength, climbing from 70.64 to 74.13, an indicator of its growing consumer trust.

Not far behind, Enterprise and Hertz continue to secure their spots as the second and third most valuable brands within the sector. Enterprise boasts a brand value jump of 66% to USD 12.8 billion, despite a slight dip in brand strength due to decreased consumer familiarity and ESG performance issues. Meanwhile, Hertz celebrates a 27% increase in brand value to USD 4.7 billion, alongside a boost in brand strength, reflecting a positive trend in customer recommendations despite facing app challenges and a recent pivot back to traditional vehicle offerings.

Bolt emerges as the sector's fastest-growing brand, with its value soaring more than threefold from last year’s USD 138 million to USD 457 million in 2024. This impressive growth is supported by a modest rise in brand strength and significant revenue enhancements.

Localiza, capturing the limelight in its domain, has been declared the strongest brand with an astonishing 90% growth in brand value to USD 2.3 billion. Dominating the Brazilian markets, Localiza's success is mirrored in its financial achievements and a significant leap in brand strength from 66.41 to 78.47. Brand Finance's analysis underscores Localiza's commanding market position and customer satisfaction, with patrons preferring and willing to pay a premium for its services.

This year's report not only highlights the dynamic shifts within the mobility sector but also shows the pivotal role of brand strength and customer perception in driving value and profitability.

Alex Haigh, Managing Director, Brand Finance, Asia Pacific, said: “Uber's agility in navigating market changes and leveraging brand strength for financial growth are indicative of an effective and modern approach to brand and business management. Uber’s brand value of nearly $30 billion is more than double the second-ranked brand, Enterprise, valued at $12.8 billion. The strategic adjustments in Uber’s business model, coupled with an acute understanding of consumer behaviour, have contributed to Uber's increasing brand value, as evidenced by the company's very comfortable position at the top of the 2024 ranking.”


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