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UBER BLACK CAB: ‘Our recruitment and preparations for launch are going as planned’ says Uber

Uber are on target with London taxi driver recruitment and preparations ahead of its planned Black Cab launch this year, says app spokesperson.

Uber announced its plans to introduce black cabs to its fleet in London in December 2023, with the new service expected to be rolled out in early 2024, offering passengers a chance to e-hail a black cab via the Uber app.

The inclusion of the iconic hackney carriage in the Uber app could mark a significant moment for the ride-hail giants if they entice enough taxi drivers onto the platform. It is widely thought that most black cab drivers, who are in high demand by both Londoners and tourists, would reject the advances of Uber.

Since their launch in London over a decade ago in 2012, Uber has gone through ups and downs, but undeniably has changed the way people travel. With over a billion trips provided and millions of app users each week, the company has become a dominant force in the mobility industry.

According to Uber sources, opening up the Uber app for Black Cabs is win-win as it will help London cab drivers earn more and boost travel options for passengers.

An Uber spokesperson told TaxiPoint: “Our recruitment and preparations for launch are going as planned. We have been meeting drivers at roundtables and in-person events where the feedback has been very positive.”

Once launched, London will be the latest addition to a list of major cities where local taxi drivers have partnered with Uber. From Paris to New York and Rome, to cities in 33 different countries, taxi drivers across the globe have been invited to join the app.


Under the new system, drivers who sign up with Uber will receive regular taxi trip requests, complete with upfront fare ranges and destinations.

They will then have the freedom to accept or reject these offers as they see fit. Additionally, all new drivers will be offered zero percent commission for their first six months as an incentive.

In January Uber also launched a referral scheme for drivers, in addition to a £150 sign up bonus, and £250 first trip bonus. The referrer receives £250 if they refer a licensed Black Cab driver and they complete 25 trips. For the driver that is referred by someone, they receive £150 when they sign up and complete 25 trips.

A specific date for the launch of Uber Black Cab has not been released yet.


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