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UBER BLACK CAB: The number of drivers recruited and plans for roll out revealed

The number of black taxi drivers recruited onto the Uber app has been revealed to be as many as 'several hundred', prompting its launch to customers.

The new ‘Black Cab’ initiative, which saw the first London taxi go live on the Uber platform last Friday, is a renewal of efforts following the unsuccessful ‘UberTAXI’ venture in 2014.

Uber plans to methodically expand this new Black Cab feature, initially offering it to a select customer group. This approach aims to ensure adequate service availability to meet demand, with a broader rollout anticipated as more drivers join.

In December 2023, Uber started actively recruiting London's black cabs with big financial incentives and reduced commission rates, promoted through leaflets and radio ads. Early access users are currently offered a 25% discount on the first five rides, with savings capped at £20 per journey.

This phased introduction strategy comes after driver feedback indicated a preference to trial the service before a full-scale launch. This cautious approach also allows Uber to gauge demand and manage service capacity effectively.

Uber expressed satisfaction with the recruitment and launch process. The launch is seen as a crucial step towards their global expansion goals. This includes ambitious plans to incorporate all taxis onto their platform by 2025, following agreements with major taxi services in New York City and San Francisco.

The decision to integrate London black cabs on Uber has long ignited debate among a large number taxi drivers, underlining the continuing tensions between a significant proportion of cabbies and the ride-sharing app.


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