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Uber rolls out custom ‘Safety Preferences’ feature for all UK riders

Starting today, Uber are to allow UK riders greater control over their on-trip safety through a new feature called Safety Preferences.

The new feature allows riders to tailor in-app safety tools based on the time and location of their rides.

Safety Preferences is designed to simplify the use of Uber’s safety features, particularly during night-time journeys. Riders can now select up to three safety measures to activate automatically, whether for all trips, trips after 9pm, or every time they leave a bar or restaurant.

Accessible via the Uber app settings, Safety Preferences offers customisation of several key features:

- RideCheck: Detects if a ride goes off-course, stops unexpectedly, or ends early. Riders can choose to receive check-ins more frequently. If anomalies occur, Uber will send an in-app check-in to ensure the rider's safety and provide assistance.


- PIN Verification: Riders can opt for a four-digit PIN code to give to the driver before the trip starts, ensuring they are entering the correct vehicle.


- Share My Trip: Enables riders to automatically share their live location and trip details with a chosen contact, enhancing peace of mind for both the rider and their loved ones.

These new safety tools are available to all Uber users in the UK, providing a personalised approach to travel security.


Anabel Diaz, Vice President, Head of EMEA Mobility, Uber, said: “What we heard from riders - especially our women riders - is that they wanted to have more choice, and more control over their safety features. With this new tool we’re making it easier than ever to leverage our in-app safety features, especially at night. So whatever evening plans are organised, riders will have the additional peace of mind that their safety preferences are taken care of when they ride with Uber.”


Fay Maxted, OBE, The Survivors Trust CEO, said: "The Survivors Trust is thrilled to strengthen our partnership with Uber as we continue to assist them in developing safety plans. This new rider-controlled safety feature not only provides an additional layer of support for solo travellers but also plays a crucial role in breaking the taboo surrounding sexual violence. It shouldn't be solely the responsibility of riders to ensure their safety, so Uber's initiative in creating discreet and hassle-free travel safety measures is leading the way. We hope it serves as an inspiration to other companies to not ignore the difficult taboo of sexual violence and to take joint responsibility in tackling the problem."


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