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Verne unveils new era of autonomous robo-private hire mobility and it's coming to a UK city soon

Updated: Jun 30

Image credit: Verne

A new approach to urban autonomous mobility is on the horizon, thanks to Verne, the latest venture from Mate Rimac and his colleagues Marko Pejković and Adriano Mudri.

Officially unveiled at the Rimac Campus near Zagreb, Verne is poised to offer an autonomous private hire service to city transport with its blend of autonomous vehicles, bespoke apps, and specialised infrastructure.

Verne’s new urban mobility system rests on three pillars: a fully autonomous electric vehicle, a ride-hailing app, and a dedicated infrastructure network. The vehicle is designed exclusively for autonomous driving and is leveraging the Mobileye Drive platform, which eliminates the compromises of traditional vehicles repurposed for automation.

The ride-hailing app allows users to personalise their travel experience, setting preferences for comfort, lighting, temperature, and even scent.

Verne’s infrastructure, dubbed the "Mothership", will be a hub for vehicle maintenance, charging, and cleaning, ensuring that each ride is consistently safe and clean. The first of these will be established in Zagreb, with the service launching there in 2026.

Following its Zagreb debut, Verne plans to expand its services to other European cities, including several in the UK. The company has already secured agreements with 11 cities across the EU, UK, and Middle East, and is in discussions with over 30 more. This strategic rollout aims to transform urban transportation globally, beginning with Europe and the Middle East.

Verne’s vehicle has a two-seater configuration, optimal for the vast majority of urban rides, which typically involve one or two passengers. The interior is designed more like a living room than a traditional car, with an ultra-wide 43-inch display for entertainment and journey information, and 17 speakers for superior audio quality. The innovative design also includes a sliding door system to ease entry and exit without disrupting traffic flow.

Externally, the vehicle features a sleek, aerodynamic design, free from traditional elements like windshield wipers and side-view mirrors, enhancing both performance and ease of maintenance.

In collaboration with Mobileye, a leader in autonomous technology, Verne integrates advanced sensors and the Mobileye Drive platform to navigate dynamic urban environments safely and efficiently. This partnership ensures that Verne’s vehicles can adapt to various road types and weather conditions, making them suitable for diverse global cities.

Verne is building its first production facility in Zagreb, aiming for large-scale production of its autonomous electric vehicles. This facility will position Croatia as a key player in future mobility technologies, contributing to the local economy and technological advancement.

Mate Rimac, Co-founder of Verne, said: “The end result would be the best possible mobility experience for everyone. This means that every customer will have a better service than the best mobility service enjoyed by the very rich, through the service that is affordable for all. You will have a safe and reliable driver, a vehicle with more interior space and comfort than the best limousines today, and a service that will be tailored to your needs in every possible way. The service will also provide customers with much more than just transportation from point A to point B.

“It frees up your travel time, allowing you to think, learn, or relax. Improving your life with every trip. We are shifting the attention from the technology itself to its benefits. Verne will transform travel time into a chance for personal growth, discovery, and enjoyment. In essence, enriching lives in every journey you take.”


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