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£15,000 to Cartier Bracelets: A history of lost and found honesty is displayed by taxi drivers

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In a remarkable act of honesty, London black cab driver Mohamed Muhydin recently made headlines for doing what taxi drivers do.

On a seemingly ordinary day, Mr Muhydin picked up a weary traveller from Heathrow Airport. The passenger, Mr Walker, had just completed a gruelling journey from Australia and was headed to The Mercure in Talbot Square. After a brief and pleasant conversation during the ride, Mr Walker was dropped off at his hotel, none the wiser that he had left behind a bag containing crucial medication, a passport, and £6,500 in cash.

Continuing his shift, Mr Muhydin decided to return to Heathrow due to a slow workday. It was during a fuel stop in Hammersmith that he discovered the left-behind bag. Understanding the gravity of the situation, especially given the importance of the medication, he promptly turned around and made his way back to the hotel. Mr Walker, who had by then realised his loss, was understandably distressed, particularly about the medication he needed. Upon being reunited with his belongings, he expressed understandably immense relief and gratitude.

This recent incident is just one of many that highlight the honesty and integrity of London’s black cab drivers. These acts of kindness are not rare, but rather indicative of a broader culture among the city's taxi drivers.

In 2020, another driver made a similarly astonishing discovery. Matt, a London cabbie, was left breathless when he found a staggering £15,000 in cash in his cab. The money was found in a bag after he had transported a man from Paddington to South Kensington. The passenger, who paid by card, had left the money behind in the cab's passenger cabin. Upon finding the money, Matt immediately contacted the police. The owner, claiming to be a professional gambler, explained that the cash was his stake money. Despite the significant amount, the money was safely returned to its rightful owner, further showcasing the trustworthiness of London’s cab drivers.

The culture of honesty among taxi drivers throughout the UK is further evidenced by numerous other stories shared by the drivers themselves. Taxi driver Don McGowan once found two £6,000 Cartier bracelets along with passports and airline tickets. He ensured that the items were returned to their owner, who rewarded him with £150, including the fare for returning the items.

In another instance, a taxi driver returned a bag containing two phones, a wallet, and £2,400 in cash. The owner of the bag, grateful for the driver's honesty, gave him a £200 tip as a token of appreciation.

In a world where trust can sometimes feel like a rare commodity, stories of honest cabbies serve as a reassuring reminder of the goodness that still exists.


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