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Istanbul Taxi drivers take the Uber issue into their own hands

Turkeys traditional taxi drivers are taking their fight against Uber to the streets -- quite literally. As in many cities across the globe that controversial ride-sharing Uber operate, Turkeys capital of Istanbul has seen an increase in tensions between the traditional taxi driver and those who drive for their app based competitors. Taxi drivers frequently complain about the "unfair" competition brought into their trade by Uber, claiming the Silicon Valley born app are taking food from their families plates. Uber has been operating in Istanbul since 2014, and are said to have around 3,000 drivers. According to a report in the Hurriyet Daily , a group of taxi drivers are actively hunting down Uber drivers and taking actions into their own hands. It is claimed that some taxi drivers are posing as Uber customers to lure drivers into the city's more isolated areas to "rough them up". Shots were reported during an incident that took place late on March 10 when an Uber driver was on route to pick up a passenger. Today, March 12, taxi drivers have staged a protest outside Istanbul's Caglayan Courthouse against Uber ahead of the second hearing of a lawsuit opened against the ride-hailing firm by the United Taxi Drivers Association. Uber are facing regulatory issues in a number of cities across Europe, none more so than in London where their licence renewal was refused by Transport For London.  

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