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Woman dragged several metres by Taxi in Liverpool following fare dispute

 A lady was left unconscious after the taxi she was riding in sped off with it's door open following a dispute over a fare. Kayleigh Dixon hailed a Hackney Carriage taxi in Liverpool after a night out with her boyfriend, his sister and another friend, when a dispute over the fare begin. According to a report in the Liverpool Echo , the driver "refused" to engage his meter and instead demanded a fixed up-front payment of £30. During the journey the driver then allegedly demanded more money, stating that because there was four passengers he now wanted £40 for the trip. The passengers decided to get out when the confrontation became heated. One of the passengers began to film the incident on her phone in an attempt to record the drivers badge number but he suddenly began to speed off. The passengers door was still open and Kayleigh Dixon was dragged along the road for "several metres" leaving her unconscious and injured on the floor. Kayleigh's boyfriend Chris attempted to catch the driver but said the driver ran a red light and got away. Kayleigh was cleared of any serious injury, but has been left badly bruised and shaken. She will be reporting the incident to the police who will look to track down the driver of the taxi. To view the incident that was recorded on a friends phone, click the link below. Terrifying moment young woman is dragged along road as taxi drives away with door open.  

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