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City of London APPROVES black taxi Bank Junction access trial after seven year hiatus

Updated: Jun 21

The City of London Corporation has voted to allow trial taxis access to the Bank Junction, marking a significant shift in its traffic management policy.

The decision, taken by the Court of Common Council, will permit taxis to navigate the junction from Spring 2025, contingent on approval from Transport for London.

Transport officers at the City Corporation are now tasked with formulating an experimental traffic order. This order aims to grant taxis access at all times, while continuing to restrict other vehicles, including private hire services, between 7am and 7pm, Monday to Friday. This move is part of an effort to enhance accessibility without disrupting the area’s wider improvements.

Since 2017, restrictions have limited the junction’s use to cyclists and buses, aligning with the City Corporation's broader goal of making Bank Junction safer and more inviting. The ongoing improvement strategy targets reducing casualties by simplifying traffic flows, cutting pedestrian congestion, improving air quality, and transforming the area from a mere transit point into a destination in itself.

If the temporary arrangements receive approval, they will be implemented for up to 18 months, during which time their impact on traffic, safety, and access will be closely monitored. A public consultation is also planned during this period to gather feedback and assess the trial’s effectiveness.

The final decision on whether to make these changes permanent will be made by the Streets and Walkways Sub Committee of the City Corporation, based on the findings from the trial period and public consultation.

Proponents of the change within the Court of Common Council highlight that the majority of taxis are now zero-emission vehicles, which, coupled with their strong safety record, can enhance access for those unable to walk, cycle, or use public transport, without compromising the vision for a safer and more accessible Bank Junction.

Steve McNamara, General Secretary at Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association (LTDA), said on LinkedIn: “Thankfully today saw common sense prevail and in the City of London the Court of Common Council voted 57 to 21 in favour of a trial scheme to allow taxi access to Bank Junction. Fantastic news for those who rely on taxis to move around, the disabled, less ambulant and anyone who needs door to door transport!”

Chairman of the City of London Corporation’s Planning and Transportation Committee, Shravan Joshi, said: “The overall work programme at Bank Junction has meant that the junction is already a safer, more pleasant environment to travel through and we will carefully monitor the impact of re-introducing taxis into this vibrant area.


“For those unable to use modes of active travel, or who need transportation when public services aren’t available, black cabs have the potential to enhance this public space in line with our Destination City policy to make the Square Mile a desirable, safe and inclusive visitor destination, boosting economic growth.”

Mariusz Zabrocki, UK General Manager at FREENOW, said: “We’re delighted to see that the City of London Corporation has voted to allow a trial for taxis access to the Bank Junction. We continue to see high demand for taxis in the Bank Junction area and we hope that following the trial, a decision will be made to make these changes permanent. Black cabs play a key role in the fabric of the city and restoring this essential taxi access in the area will not only greatly benefit taxi users but make the area more accessible for everyone.”

More details and comment to follow…


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