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HMRC APP: Nearly 100,000 Self-Assessment taxpayers pay £121million of their tax bills via app

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

Image credit: HMRC

Almost 100,000 customers have paid £121million using the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) app since April 2023, taking advantage of the quickest and easiest way to pay their Self Assessment tax bill.

Latest figures from HMRC reveal that between April and September 2023, 97,365 customers used the app to settle their tax bill for the 2022 to 2023 tax year – more than 3 times the £34.6million paid by 36,467 customers during the same period last year.

Customers have been able to pay their Self Assessment tax bill via the free and secure HMRC app since February 2022 and there is a YouTube video demonstrating how to make a payment.

In addition to making payments, using the app is the simplest way for Self Assessment customers to access personal details including their Unique Taxpayer Reference (UTR), National Insurance number and any PAYE information they may need to complete their tax return.

The app has a range of features and is available to everyone, not just those who need to use the Self Assessment system.

Myrtle Lloyd, HMRC’s Director General for Customer Services, said: “We all have busy lives, so it makes sense that more and more customers are choosing to access their personal tax information and pay their tax bill through the HMRC app. It gives them the flexibility and convenience they need – as well as peace of mind that their Self Assessment is sorted. Go to GOV.UK and search ‘HMRC app’ to find out more.”

The deadline for customers to complete their tax return for the 2022 to 2023 tax year and pay any tax owed is 31 January 2024.

Customers can pay their bill via the app and get a refund of any tax owed. Customers are reminded to include their bank account details on their tax return so they can get any repayment due quickly and securely.

Customers can set up notifications to remind them when payments are due, so they don’t need to worry about missing deadlines or incurring penalties.  To set up their reminder they should select the ‘Self Assessment’ section in the app, where the option to ‘set a reminder’ is available. This will give payment date deadline options to select reminders for.

HMRC app data also revealed that:

  • January 2023, was the busiest month for app payments with 56,738 customers paying £125,819,051 in tax

  • July 2023 was the second busiest month with 29,774 customers using the app to pay £54 million.

App users will need a user ID and password to access their personal information which they can set up while using the app.

The app’s Self Assessment function is also available in Welsh. Customers can enable Welsh language options from the settings screen.


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