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London private hire car drives straight into the middle of a roundabout with a passenger on board

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Image credit: Twitter - @SurreyRoadCops

A Transport for London (TfL) licensed private hire driver slammed into the centre of a roundabout causing injuries to his fare paying passenger in Surrey.

The single vehicle collision happened on New Year's Eve on the A322 and was attended by the Ambulance Service and Surrey Roads Policing Unit.

A spokesperson for the police service said the driver failed to drive to the conditions on a "road he doesn't know".

Luckily for the driver and his passenger, no serious physical injuries were caused from the collision.

Highlighting the incident on their official Twitter account, @SurreyRoadCops, the force said: "C rota began their New Year's Eve early shift with a quick turn out to this single vehicle collision on the A322 at Salt Box Road.

"The private hire driver failed to drive to the conditions on a road he doesn't know. Minor injuries caused to his fare paying passenger."


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