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Motorway madness: e-scooter rider caught travelling along M1 in the pitch black

Image credit: Twitter-@SYPOperations

An e-scooter rider has been reported and had their vehicle seized after officers caught them travelling along a motorway in Sheffield.

South Yorkshire Police couldn't believe what they found after receiving a number of calls from drivers who reported seeing somebody riding along the M1.

Officers from the South Yorkshire Police Operational Support Unit were deployed, who went on then successfully intercept the rider.

A spokesperson for the Unit @SYPOperations said: "M1, Sheffield: Just when we think we've seen it all. Numerous calls from drivers reporting somebody riding up the M1 on an e-scooter!

"Pitch black, raining, poor visibility = a recipe for disaster.

"Rider reported & removed from network. Scooter seized for no insurance."

Privately owned e-scooters are currently illegal to use on public roads, pavements and cycle lanes.

They are currently covered by the same legislation as motor vehicles, but are unable to meet the same requirements, therefore deemed illegal in the UK.

If caught riding one illegally, a person could face the same punishments as someone caught driving a car without a valid licence or insurance.

The Government has started trials, which involves the public using only e-scooters which are rented out by specific companies, just like the so-called "Boris bikes".

It is important to note that privately owned e-scooters are not included in the trial.


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