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Police issue London private hire driver with 6 points and £200 fine for using phone whilst driving

Image credit: Twitter-@MPSRTPC

A private hire driver has been issued a £200 fine and 6 penalty points on his licence after being caught using a mobile phone whilst driving.

The Metropolitan Police Roads & Transport Service flagged up the incident via their official Twitter account, saying there were “no excuses”.

In the tweet, a spokesperson for the force said: “It’s National Mobile Phone Action Week, and CabsUnit were on patrol in Southwark when they saw this PHV using his mobile phone whilst driving and was reported.

”Remember, if we catch you, it’s a £200 fine and 6 points on your licence.”

Some members of the public weighed in with their views on the incident, with one writing: “It’s back to being the norm again! I was almost run over yesterday on a zebra crossing due to a van driver talking into his mobile phone.”

Another wrote “minicabs can‘t work without playing with their phones,” with another saying “it’s what they do. How can they manage to drive around London without fingering their mobiles? It’s not as though they’re local cabbies who are from the area”.

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