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Police launch online portal where people can upload dashcam footage of suspected driving offences

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Lincolnshire Police have launched an online portal where people can upload dashcam footage of suspected driving offences. Working together with the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, they have introduced this technology which they believe will result in a safer driving environment for all road users.

This includes evidence of dangerous, careless or inconsiderate driving, drivers failing to wear seat belts, failing to stop at a red traffic light, crossing solid white lines, not being in proper control or dangerous loads, for example.

The force say they hope the community will get on board and help them to keep their roads safe.

The new portal, dubbed ‘Operation Snap‘, enables the submission of video evidence from members of the public in relation to witnessed driving offences. The police can now accept video evidence recorded by members of the public via a public access website which then allows for the footage to be reviewed and the contents considered.

The force says the system will provide the following benefits:

  • Easier and quicker for submission of footage to the police.

  • A means of digital footage to be reviewed which will allow for more timely investigation of offences.

  • Ensure they keep the roads as safe as possible by bringing offenders to justice with the best available evidence.

Members of the public can easily submit footage on the Report a driving offence page.

Chief Superintendent Nikki Mayo, Head of Central Operations, Lincolnshire Police, said: "In Lincolnshire in 2019 there were 535 people killed or seriously injured in road traffic collisions. A further 52 people lost their lives last year.

“A system to effectively process evidence of road traffic offences and poor driving will assist greatly in dealing with poor driver behaviour that can and does lead to collisions, serious injury and death on the roads of Lincolnshire.

“Submissions will be reviewed by a police officer or authorised person and provided that certain criteria are met we have a number of options available to us, ranging from a warning letter, a national driver offender retraining scheme course, a fixed penalty notice, and where appropriate prosecution through the criminal justice system.

“For us to be able to use the footage, it will need to be good quality and clearly show the alleged offence. Anyone submitting footage will be required to complete an online statement and be prepared to attend court should that be necessary further down the line.”

Marc Jones, Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire, said: “The idea for this project emerged from the road safety summit I organised and I am delighted it is now being put into full operation.

“It is tragic that so many of our residents, both young and old, are losing their lives on the roads of Lincolnshire and we should be exploring every possible approach to tackle this issue. The launch of Operation Snap, in addition to the dedicated roads policing team planned for this year, demonstrate the commitment to addressing road safety.

“I believe the key to community safety lies in the police and public working together and this project embodies that approach in the mission to reduce death and injury on the roads.”

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