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‘CAN I NOT DRIVE IT LIKE THIS?’: Police left gobsmacked by unlicensed driver’s response

Image credit: Facebook-GMP Bolton North

Officers from Greater Manchester Police Bolton North were left amazed after a driver they pulled over for operating a vehicle with a completely destroyed tyre said: "Can I not drive it like this then?"

Transport Unit officers stopped the vehicle in Bolton on Tuesday 9 February due to the condition of the tyre, which was torn and ripped to pieces.

On further investigation, the driver was found to have no driver's licence or insurance.

The driver was summoned to court for the offences and the car has since been signed over to be scraped.

A photo of the badly damaged tyre was posted on the Greater Manchester Police Bolton North Facebook page. The wall of the tyre has multiple large rips and tears all the way around it.

Although possibly the worst tyre we’ve ever reported on, it's not always general motorists who fail to keep up with tyre maintenance. A number of drivers representing the professional driving trade, such as private hire and taxi drivers, have been hit with fines and points for major failures in ensuring the use of safe tyres.

In an article from last year, we reported on one of the ‘slickest’ tyres highlighted by enforcement.

Officers from the Metropolitan Police stopped a Transport for London (TfL) licensed minicab which had a tyre resembling an F1 dry weather fit.

The vehicle was issued a stop notice until the vehicle was re-inspected by the capital's private hire regulators TfL.

A photo of the tyre showed the grip worn almost completely away. On the inside edge of the tyre the rubber was so worn, the underlying white cords were displayed.


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