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Police warn Swindon taxi owners to up security amid spate of vehicle break-ins

Wiltshire Police have issued a warning to taxi drivers and vehicle owners in Swindon to increase their vigilance following a recent surge in vehicle break-ins across the town. The police have noticed a worrying trend, with taxis in particular being singled out by opportunistic thieves.

Authorities have advised taxi operators to remove any signage or items that could identify their vehicles as taxis when parked overnight. This recommendation comes as part of a broader strategy to deter criminal activities targeting these vehicles.

The past few weeks have seen a worrying increase in reports of such incidents, particularly concentrated in the town centre and Broadgreen areas. The police are actively investigating these cases, following up on multiple leads in an effort to curb the trend.

In light of these events, the police are reinforcing the message on the importance of vehicle security. They urge all vehicle owners to ensure that their cars are securely locked and to remove all valuables without exception. This includes everyday items often overlooked, such as coats, bags, and even empty boxes, which could potentially attract thieves.

SGT Davidson of the Swindon central south neighbourhood team said: “We are aware that these break ins are causing concern in our communities at present and please rest assured that we are pursuing a number of leads to locate and arrest the offenders.

“Vehicle security is of paramount importance.

“Thefts from motor vehicles often take place when vehicles have been left unlocked or valuables have been left on display.

“I would urge all vehicle owners to please be mindful over what you’re leaving in your car and whether it could make your vehicle a target.

“Please remove all valuables from your vehicle when leaving it unattended, including what’s in the glove box as we find that’s often what’s being stolen.

“I’d also like to highlight the importance of intelligence and information from our communities. If you see something that could be suspicious then please report it to us.

“You are our eyes and ears on the ground and any piece of information is helpful.”


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